Beauty Spots …

our Scenic Foothills neighborhoods in Anchorage, Alaska, have many. We’d like to acknowledge other beautification. Tell us what we’re missing.

Pioneer Drive median - this Adopt-A-Garden project has been maintained by Friends of Chugach Foothills Park for about 15 years. After the Pioneer Drive upgrade in the summer of 2014, the median gardens were moved into Chugach Foothills Park.

Chugach Foothills Park - Adopt-A-Park volunteers include Friends of Chugach Foothills Park, the LDS Church and Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage. (More than one group can adopt a park.)

36th & Muldoon - a rock garden on the hill leading to the pedestrian overpass and the corner plantings below were built and are maintained by Friends of Chugach Foothills Park.

Regal Mountain Drive (Tudor/Muldoon curve) - another unofficial project by Scenic Foothills volunteers

Planting Day on Pioneer Drive median

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