Works in Progress in Scenic Foothills

Foothills Storage access from Muldoon Road at Williwa Street:
Arcticorp requested and received approval from the Alaska Department of Transportation to construct a "right-in-right-out" access onto their Foothills Storage property directly from Muldoon and Old Muldoon Roads with no public input. They have made the "curb cuts" and installed paved entrances to both roads in preparation for their construction projects on the property.

Citizens of SFCC are concerned about the safety hazard created by allowing vehicle access directly from Muldoon Road. We have all experienced concern when attempting to make a right turn off Muldoon Road onto 36th Avenue with accelerating 50 MPH+ traffic from Northern Lights Boulevard heading toward Tudor Road. Adding another turnoff will increase the potential for vehicle accidents and (we believe) should not have been permitted.

We have discussed this at our community council meetings, but by the time we started discussing it, the access was already approved and Alaska DOT would not reconsider. Arcticorp was in motion with their construction. We could have formally requested both AK DOT and Arcticorp to reconsider but there is no process for public input or approval. It was a "done deal" before we got involved. The compromise proposed was to install a turn lane onto 36th which could be extended to move any Foothills Storage traffic into a deceleration lane. There may be other solutions.

Assemblyman Paul Honeman has personally undertaken efforts to change the approval process for such right-away approvals in the future. He proposes to work with the Municipality of Anchorage and the Alaska Department of Transportation to establish a formal process involving community input and/or approval of changes to prevent future recurrences.

36th Avenue, Patterson Street to Muldoon Road: This collector street's ownership transfer fell through the cracks years ago. It apparently still is the responsibility of Alaska Department of Transportation to bring this piece of 36th Avenue up to current standards and turn it over to the Municipality of Anchorage for ongoing maintenance. It was re-surfaced in 2011. This is a priority project that needs ongoing attention until a satisfactory result has been achieved.

Scenic View Subdivision (James Street wetlands). A September 21, 2010, status report from the Municipality of Anchorage Private Development Plan Review Engineer is posted as a downloadable PDF file here.

Fort Richardson flooding in Chugach Foothills. This area suffered severe flooding in 2009; it flooded severely again in 2013. The problem has been attributed to culverts on the JBER tank trail; it has not been solved.

Parking and safety features for Chugach Foothills Park. This project has been addressed in the Pioneer Drive upgrade, constructed in summer 2014. See Pioneer Drive Upgrade on the Capital Improvement Project Plans page.