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Proposals – Muldoon Town Square Park (Proposed)

Northeast Community Council -- our neighbors to the north of Scenic Foothills -- led a creekside walk November 21, 2009, to rally support for a Muldoon Park Strip along Chester Creek. Scenic Foothills was well represented among the group that tromped through fresh snow from the old Alaska Greenhouse property along Muldoon Road to the Fort Richardson boundary on a frosty Saturday morning.

Stuart Grenier and Ainslie Phillips led the way along Chester Creek, accompanied by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel and Alaska Senator Bill Wielechowski. We saw a beautiful, salmon spawning creek, a huge beaver dam and pond and 12 acres of dedicated park land that may someday house ball fields. We invited NECC to recap the information from the rally at our December 3, 2009, Scenic Foothills Community Council meeting.

<br />Inspecting Proposed Muldoon Park Strip
Inspecting Proposed Muldoon Park Strip

Scenic Foothills Community Council, at their December 3, 2009, meeting voted to stand with Northeast Community Council in asking that the old Alaska Greenhouse property be retained for a Muldoon Park Strip and not developed for commercial purposes. Both Councils oppose extending and widening DeBarr Road to the Fort Richardson Boundary.

Ainslie Phillips outlined the history of the old Alaska Greenhouse property, and updated NECC efforts to turn it into a Muldoon Park Strip, at SFCC’s January 2010 meeting. See January 2010 Minutes.

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